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Unlike baseball, players donít readjust their testicles before each swing.
Unlike boxing, players donít chomp on each others ears or punch them in the groin. Unlike tennis, players donít grunt like Cro Magnon men with each effort.
Unlike basketball, players donít elbow each other in the ribs for better position. Unlike auto racing, spectators donít have to breathe noxious fumes or be forced to listen to "The Achy Breaky Song" on the loud speaker.

Unlike soccer, the fans donít trample each other to death if their favorite team loses.
Unlike bowling, no one knows your shoe size.
Unlike polo, players donít need to be smug yuppie aristocratic inbred dweebs. Unlike football, players donít tell the ref to do a physically impossible act to himself. Unlike wrestling, spectators have all their teeth.

© Clark Peterson

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