The Smasher
You'll Stop Traffic!

Looks like a golf ball smashed into your windshield!
This fun product consists of a vinyl sticker that looks like smashed glass and 1/2 of a real golf ball. Stick the vinyl and ball together on your windshield. And then to the amazement of all, it looks like a golf ball has smashed into your car's windshield!
  Ball Pops Out Of The Hole!

Fool your buddies with the funniest gag since the exploding golf ball. When no one is looking, slip this spring-loaded gag into the cup.
On the next putt, watch the shock on your buddies faces when the golf ball pops back out of the hole!
No more'll miss all the fun!
The Smasher
The Smasher
Miracle Pills
Doggy Doo

Troubles With Your Game?

Take a golf miracle pill for instant relief.
The Slice Pill

Eeases banana ball pains and OB-itus.
The Hook Pill
The"duck" killer you've always needed.
The Anger Pill

For relief of fairway rage!
The Putting Pill
Soothes the pain of yips, pulls, pushes.
Available in 8-pack
(2 of each pill)

Play It As It Lies...
A great surprise gift for your favorite golfer.

He'll be totally astonished and burst into laughter when he sees what's inside the box.

A golf ball stuck in doggy doo!

Remind him that it's the basic rule of golf... you've got to play the ball where it lies.
The Smasher
The Smasher

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