The WOW Putter
The Tree Surgeon

Very Special Features
Every Golfer Needs!

Determine the exact distance to the hole with the measuring tape.
Keep the ball on course and don't get lost in the woods with the compass.
The horn warns others that you are about to putt and is used to celebrate great putts. The level checks the lay of the land and there's even a rabbit's foot for a little extra luck on the course!

  Totally Eliminates Trees
And Heavy Rough!

Designed for golfers who spend more time
in the trees andrough than on the fairway.
One side is the infamous Chop Stick to hack and chop your way to the green.
Trees and heavy rough are child's play and totally eliminated
The reverse side is the PuttStik for guaranteed one putts.
Don't yell "Fore" anymore,
Yell "Timber! ".
The Smasher
The Smasher
Big Bubba Driver
Hillbilly Putter
Direct From The Ozarks

Forget Big Bertha and all the new hi-tech drivers and get back to basics with
The Big Bubba Driver.

Hand-made from select sassafras branches.
No two clubs are alike.

This rough-hewn, "oversized" driver is approx 40" long and comes complete with 3 golf balls made of walnuts and painted white, plus 3 wooden tees.

Direct From The Ozarks

Forget all the new hi-tech putters and get back to basics with the original
Hillbilly Putter.

Hand-made from select sassafras branches
No two putters are alike.

This rough-hewn mallet putter is approx 35" long and comes complete with 3 golf balls made of walnuts and painted white 3 wooden tees.
The Smasher
The Smasher

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