The Exploder
Triple Trouble
The Greatest Golf Gag Ever!

The Exploder looks like a regular golf ball but when hit, it blows up with a bang into a spectacular cloud of powder!

The Exploder lends itself to endless fun joke situations.
Try it on your buddies for the biggest laugh ever!

See-thru 3-ball gift pack.
  The Funniest Golf Gift!

Each see-thru plastic gift carton contains our three most hilarious novelty, trick golf balls
The Exploder
Blows up in a cloud of powder.
The Jetstreamer
Ejects 15' of ribbon in the air.
The Unputtaball
Never, never goes straight.

See-thru 3-ball pack.
The Smasher
The Smasher
The Floater
Oh Shit Golf Balls
It Floats!

Never lose another ball in the drink! The Floater with its unique patented inner core actually floats.

The ball is official size and plays like a regular ball

An absolute must for those
tough water hazards

See-thru 3-ball gift pack
Let Your Balls Do The Cussing!

The original, genuine Oh Shit golf balls.
Printed both sides.

See-thru 3-ball gift pack

The Smasher
The Smasher

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